Saturday, February 11, 2012

Please Help A Good Cause

Hey guys, I know that I've been absent for quite some time and I apologize (post coming up on why). But this post is about something different. My school is having a book drive to collect books for the elementary schools around my area. I thought I would spread the word out to you guys because I know that some of you, if possible, will help out for a good cause.


So like I have already mentioned we're collecting books at the elementary level, meaning books appropriate for grades 1 thorough 5. We'll be collecting the books all through February. I know that shipping becomes a problem especially now that the economy isn't at its best, but there is a cheap solution. The US Post Service offers a cheap way to ship books, magazines, etc called Media Mail (click HERE for more information). The books don't have to be brand new.

If you're interested in supporting this cause, please feel free to e-mail me at . I'll then provide you with the address where you can ship the book, or books. 

Thanks so much guys for reading and I really really really hope someone of you help us out. It would mean the world! And for those of you that can't help by sending books you CAN help by spreading the word!

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