Friday, October 21, 2011

The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds by Sally Dubats

Title : The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds
Author : Sally Dubats

My grade : 
Summary :

Halloween looms, and the Veil Between Worlds thins. Seventeen-year-old Cassie heads home from school and meets Trenton, a beautiful boy with an enchanting voice. Darkness blankets the encounter so Cassie forgets she ever met him. . . and what he did to her. For other girls the lost time would be the end of the story, but Cassie is Wiccan and she uses her intelligence and authentic witchcraft to remember the truth. Her spell sets in motion a mind-blowing adventure that takes her to another dimension, the astral plane, where anything is possible and a dangerous romance with Trenton blossoms.But who. . . or what. . . is Trenton? (From Amazon )

Let me start off my saying this book was just great ! I was absolutely fascinated by it right off the bat because it is about witchcraft. The thought and planning the author must have put into the novel is evident. I found myself so engrossed in all the information the author gives us about Wiccan.

Cassie was a great protagonist.I felt she was head strong. I liked her personality and she was really relatable. Trenton was just ... great! He was the PERFECT match for Cassie's character. I also really enjoyed Cassie's aunt. She was somewhat eccentric.

The plot of the novel was as original as it gets in my opinion. For those that have or will read this novel (which I highly recommend ) you'll understand what I'm speaking about. Sadly, since this is a spoiler free review I can't exactly mention what mythological creatures Sally Dubats involves in her story. But let me say this is the first story I've read that involves them and I was pleasantly surprised.

I really enjoyed this novel. I'm so glad I read this in October because it makes a great Halloween read. Definitely TBR pile material !

Thanks for reading guys !

And thank you Sally Dubats for writing such a great novel :)

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  1. I looked at your books you got in the mail! Lucky You! I have been trying to win Hades and Poison but I always seem to lose lol
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