Monday, August 1, 2011

This cover ....

Okay so I have no idea how late I am, but I just found out about this book coming out soon. I -AM - SO - EXCITED! Seriously. The first two books in this series were amazing. Although I have to admit I can't seem to decide if one was better than the other. Alex and Carlos were alike but they were so different that I just can't decided. But enough about the brothers .... Let's get on to Luis.
     I really like what Simone Elkeles did with this book. She switched it up. Sure, we love our bad boys but its good to see another side of the Fuentes family. Okay I'm actually getting off topic here ....
    What I wanted to write about was , as the title of the post says, the cover ! I have to say it . Simone Elkels's covers are some of the best. They really provoke emotion. They make you wonder. And wondering I am !
      Does the cover represent a part in the book? Is it in some way metaphorical? What do you guys think?

Thank you Simone Elkeles for this series!

And of course thank you for reading :)

P.S : Here's the book trailer to Chain Reaction
Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles . Coming out August 16, 2011. Make sure you get it !!

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