Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule

Goodreads Summary: 
They say every town has its secrets, but that doesn’t even begin to describe Whispering Pines. The townsfolk are a superstitious lot and the mystical disappearance of a local teen has everyone murmuring about a centuries old witch’s curse.

When sixteen-year-old Shiloh Ravenwolf takes a summer job at Ravenhurst Manor, she discovers a ghost with an agenda. That’s where she meets the new town hottie, Trent Donovan. But Trent may be the next victim on the supernatural hit list, and Shiloh is the only person with the power to save him. Complicated much?

After receiving cryptic messages from a creepy wraith and frightening threats from a demon, Shiloh finally begins to understand the mysterious significance of the strange mark branded on her wrist. Now Shiloh must decide how much she's willing to sacrifice to protect the other teenagers in town.

Unfortunately, for Shiloh, not all ghosts want help crossing over. Some want vengeance.

Hi guys, I'm back with another review; this time of Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule. The book takes place in Whispering Pines a small town known for its perpetual fog and increasing amount of disappearing kids. Everyone knows about the town curse but does everyone believe it? 

The novel is told in the point of view of Shiloh Ravenwolf, a spunky sixteen year old who has waaaay too much on her plate! As a character I really enjoyed Shiloh. She goes through all of the ups and downs of being a teenager, with a dash of the paranormal on the side- well more like a cauldron full ;) . I felt her angst and lived her romance. She was a just great!

As for the other characters in the book most were right up my alley. Ariana, Shiloh's best friend, definitely reminded me of my own and Trent ... well Trent was just dreamy! My favorite character though I have to say was Evans-Trent's uncle- maybe it was his style and his nerdiness or his complete faith in Shiloh, well which ever it was I adored him!

What I liked the most about this novel though had to be the plot. I felt that it was well thought-out. Whispering Pines captivated me completely, especially its back story. Sherry did such a great job informing you on the ancestry of the characters along with letting you know all of the thing that happened in the past that led to the climax of the story. I really loved the information on the Wiccan religion.

The only downfall of the novel was that at times I found it was too fast paced. I had to go back and re-read because I had received too much information or something threw me off. But really this didn't take away from the story at all and shouldn't stop anyone from reading this novel!


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