Sunday, December 25, 2011

Let's Celebrate! In January

Before I start I want to say thank you to my followers and to anyone that has ever stopped by my blog. Without you guys I wouldn't have continued blogging, although I know I don't blog as often as I should.But, to make it up to you guys I have a special project. My birthday is in January and so I thought what better way to celebrate then to celebrate it with the book blogging community! 

So beginning on January 1, 2012 I'll be posting every single day of January! That's right, every single day! I know it'll be somewhat difficult for me but I know that in the end it'll be worth it.

But here's the best part , or well the part I'm most excited about. There will be a ton of e-books I'll be giving away. I really wish I could be give away actual books but because of shipping I'm not able to.

Here are the giveaways you'll be able to participate in :
  • Touch by Jus Accardo
  • Hushed by Kelley York
  • H10N1 by M.R Cornelius ~ This is actually a paperback and even better it'll be signed by the author :D
  • Descended by Blood by Angeline Kace
  • Miss World by Randi Black
  • Copies of The Grimoire Chronicles: Veil Between Worlds

For now those are the giveaways you'll be able to participate in. I'll also be trying to add more books to this list so check back often! 

I hope you guys are as excited for this as I am! I'm really glad that'll I'll finally be able to give back to my followers. 

Some of these e-books are Kindle copies while others are not. I'll be specifying which copies are and which aren't on their individual posts. I know that not everyone has an e-reader but this - I found - is the easiest way of being able to include my international followers in the giveaways.

You can get my birthday button at the top of this page on the sidebar. Please please please feel free to put this on your blog or tell your friends to. I want as many people participating as possible!!

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