Sunday, September 11, 2011

Guest Post - Why I Love to Write (and Read) Zombie Stories

Hello everyone! It’s great to be doing a guest post here on Wanda’sblog. I should probably introduce myself. My name is Melissa and Ihave been writing since I was five years old. The first story I everwrote was about a cat that I had. It was creatively titled “Cat.” Iknow…Now that I’m a college graduate, I’ve learned how to really use my writer’s voice and write the things that interest me. Currently, I’m working on a novel that doesn’t have a title yet, but I can tell youwhat it’s about: Zombies. That’s right. Those flesh-eating undeadpeople that people love so much. Okay, the last part could just beme….I love zombie novels. There’s so many great ones out there: World WarZ, The Zombie Survival Guide (both by Max Brooks), and Pride andPrejudice and Zombies (a nice zombie twist of the classic tale by JaneAusten). One day, I hope that my book can join the amazing group ofzombie novels.I’ve been asked many times why I decided to write a book that dealwith zombies. “Why not vampires or werewolves?” they usually ask.“Those books are really popular and more marketable.” To this, I tellthem that I personally enjoy zombie tales and anything dealing withthose undead monsters.Since I was a little kid, I’ve always written what I would like toread. I write what I love and I always hope that is evident within thepages. I understand that some writers like to follow the trends andwrite what is popular. That just isn’t for me. I can’t force a storyline into my head. I have been creating this zombie story for quiteawhile now. Most of the time, it takes on a life of it’s own anddoesn’t need much prodding from me. As a lover of zombie books, I’mwriting one that I want to read. That’s what makes it important for meas a writer. If I don’t want to read it, then I don’t want to writeit.To all of the writers out there, whether you are just starting out orhave been writing for years, my message to you is this: Always writewhat you love. If you aren’t interested in what you’re writing, howcan you expect others to be interested? If it doesn’t excite you, howdo you expect that to happen with the readers?As readers, we should be entertained by the books we pick up. Weshould be captured by the characters within the pages and feel forthem as the story goes on. As a writer, I’m responsible for makingthat possible. It’s my duty to make sure the readers feel the fearand suspense within this zombie tale, but also feel the strength thatmy (human) characters have. I can only hope that the readers arewilling to take on that experience. It can be a little scary… I mean,there ARE zombies involved… JPlease join me at my writing blog as I chronicle my experiences ofbecoming a published author here: by and say hello!Oh and by the way, want to see how much I love the whole zombieculture? I’m a zombie every year for Halloween so this is what Ilooked like last year!

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