Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Richard Denney Guest Post

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This is Richard Denney here, guest blogging for Wanda @ Books Are Magic. She was so kind inviting me to guest post for today & I am excited to let you all know about me! I’m an author of YA & Middle-Grade Fiction & my first middle-grade book comes out this winter 2011.

I began my journey into writing when I was twelve. I ventured in a 99cent store with my grandmother one summer in California & discovered a 300 paged composition book that was calling to me. I was so excited in the car on the ride back that I kept flipping the pages even though they were blank. My head was swarming with story ideas, instead of the childish doodles I’d waste paper with. The story was of a thirteen year old girl named Dreama and she was a witch. That summer I wrote fifty-five pages of “Dreama” & when I got home to Texas, I forgot all about it. Fast forward a year later, when I found the composition book in a box full of random junk, I was taken back to that summer of writing and from there I wrote a 150 paged book about the adventures of a girl who was living with her stern uncle in a giant haunting manor. There was an evil man after her and her parents had perished while attempting to save her. 

Three years after I finished the book, me and my mom took it a local publishing house and were ready to get it published… only to find out that it would cost an arm and two legs to fund it. Years went by, the composition book gathering dust in one of my dresser drawers, and after I graduated from high school, I was set on completing a book that publishers could pick up. I found that I didn’t need a big company to pick my books up, and decided to self publish. Fast forward to 2011 when my first book “A Girl’s guide to falling in love with a zombie” came out on February 11th, which happens to be my birthday. On June 7th 2011, I released my second book “Hillserpent Academy” and now this winter 2011, I will be releasing my third book “The Immortalists” a middle-grade fantasy novel.
If you are planning on following your dreams of writing and becoming an author, please know that if a big publishing company denies your manuscript, there’s always self publishing, and there is nothing wrong with self publishing. It’s better than NEVER having your book available, and knocking yourself over the head when your seventy, “Why didn’t I publish my book?” 

My new book coming this winter 2011, is a story I personally think is very original and fresh. It’s told in first person and is about a thirteen year old boy named Rowan Burton. Rowan finds himself in a life altering race to save a girl that has a couple of evil wizards after her. The book is full of adventure, horror, fantasy, friendship, wizards, & zombies. I will not say more, because this will become a spoilers section, but when the book comes out, I hope everyone enjoys “The Immortalists”.

Thanks for reading my journey and I hope that if your planning on writing your own book, that you accomplish your dreams and shine. 

- Richard Denney

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Best of luck with your writing career.


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