Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review: I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

Oh Pittacus ! Oh Pittacus you have stolen my heart !

Book Summary : In the beginning they were a group of nine. Nine aliens who left their home planet of Lorien when it fell under attack by the evil Mogadorian. Nine aliens who scattered on Earth. Nine aliens who look like ordinary teenagers living ordinary lives, but who have extraordinary, paranormal skills. Nine aliens who might be sitting next to you now.

The Nine had to separate and go into hiding. The Mogadorian caught Number One in Malaysia, Number Two in England, and Number Three in Kenya. All of them were killed. John Smith, of Paradise, Ohio, is Number Four. He knows that he is next.

I Am Number Four is the thrilling launch of a series about an exceptional group of teens as they struggle to outrun their past, discover their future—and live a normal life on Earth. (Book summary from Goodreads)

I can't stop thinking about this book. It's been weeks since I've read it - yes, I'm very late reviewing it. But I have a reason why. I wanted to wait and see if after a while, I would still be in the love with it. And as you can tell I most certainly am !

I'll be completely honest here, it did take me a couple of days to really get into it. The first thirty pages or so didn't draw me in. So I put it on hold. But after that the book started to get good.

This book had me laughing, on the edge of my seat, and, yes, even crying .... well no not crying, more like sobbing (For those that have read the book I'm sure you can guess where)! John Smith is a great main character. He's witty and incredibly strong, both physically and emotionally. He knows when he needs to protect the things and people he loves and when to let them go. He was one of my favorite characters.

My favorite character though out of the entire book is by far Henri. He just stuck with me. Henri is John's guardian. He is the only person John has. His love for John is one of his best attributes. He protects him from harms way and knows just when to intervene. He's like John's father. You can basically feel the love he has for John and the love John has for him. Their relationship seems so real that it adds a great touch to the novel.

And while we're on the topic of relationships I think I should mention Miss Sarah Hart :) I just loved her ! She was so sweet and so loyal to John. As he was with her might I add. She really stole his heart from the get-go. It was so cute to watch their relationship bloom around all the obstacles they were faced with.

And last but not least I think out of characters I should mention Sam Goode. Sam is an alien enthusiast- oh, the irony- who becomes great friends with John. He's very shy and what people would call a nerd. But in the end he's John's sidekick. He's fearless and determined to help when things go bad and because of that Sam is one of the better character in the book

Oh! I almost forgot Bernie Kosar! Bernie is John's very loyal, very weird dog. There isn't much to say about him but he's also one of those characters that steals your heart just because he's so ... well cute.
I give I Am Number Four an A+++ . This book is well thought out and extremely detailed. Pittacus Lore has done an amazing job.
So thank you Pittacus Lore for such an amazing read !
And of course thank you reading this review :) !
P.S - The Number of Six, the second book in the Lorien Legacies, will be released on August 23, 2011. Extra information on the book can be found here

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